Facebook Game


230 million people have played a Facebook game around the world..

The most popular games on Facebook


Zynga┬┤s game Texas Hold'em Poker has been in the top 3 of all Facebook games all through 2012. (31.3 million monthly active users, December 2012)

Also during 2012, various casino related games have entered the Facebook top 25: Poker, Bingo and Slots.

Some of them include:

Slotmania: 5.6 million monthly active users.

Bingo Blitz: 2,9 million monthly active users.

Casino social gaming market


Casino social games on Facebook have grown by 13% since 2010.

Casino socialplayers have outnumbered Farm games players .

Casino socail games VS
other social games - A 40% earnings growth per user. Theavy users.
- Loyal players .
- Willing to pay on Facebook to get coins virtuales to improve inside the game.
- competitive players .