Enter the world of Social Games with us, have your own games. Thanks to our experience in the development of Social Games, we offer a powerful turnkey solution for corporate customizing of our White Label multiplayer games::

Social Bingo

Social Poker

In addition, the service includes a powerful Back Office from which you can:


  • Check the statistics of the games
  • Manage players
  • Review Purchases
  • Develop promotions and viral campaigns


Our service also includes full source code for both games, so you can change them at any time.



  • Unbeatable price. Trim the cost of entering the Social Gaming and focus on what's important.
  • Games totally adaptable and customizable.
  • Adaptation and very fast development. Much more agile than a development from scratch..
  • Powerful Back Office Management.
  • Take advantage of Facebook viral possibilities and enter the world of Social Games
  • Possibility to have games outside of Facebook.
  • Total Control: Source code provision so you can easily make any changes you want.
  • All in one payment! Forget about monthly fees and periodic reversals. .